toyota to repair 700,000 lexus trunk releases, consumer reports says - trunk open

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-02
toyota to repair 700,000 lexus trunk releases, consumer reports says  -  trunk open
11:20 a. m.
| The updated consumer report magazine said Toyota is expected to announce plans to repair about 700,000 Lexus cars in January, as the emergency trunk could break and trap a passenger
The vehicle is 2007-
2013 Lexus ES, 2006-
According to the magazine, 2012 Lexus IS and 2013 Lexus GS models have attracted the attention of automakers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
4-thanks to the owneryear-
Old Alexander Fisher found the problem.
Alexander is the son of Jack Fisher, director of automotive testing for Consumer Reports. Mr.
Fisher said his 4-and 9-year-
The old sons were fascinated by the idea of cars and test cars.
Not long ago they convinced him that they could help test the emergency trunk release
Inside the trunk-
If something goes wrong, he is standing nearby.
In October, Alexander was in the trunk of a new Lexus ES 350.
But instead of opening the suitcase, he asked his father to let him out.
Emergency treatment cut off month-year-
Pull it old.
He was there with a piece of plastic in his hand. Fisher said.
He thought it was interesting. âx80x9dMr.
Fisher is not very happy.
The inspection of another Lexus that the magazine is testing also shows the same flaw: When the handle is pulled to the driver, it breaks.
It is very brittle, it will break, sir. Fisher said. Mr.
Fisher wrote a blog post for this, which contacted Toyota and the Traffic Safety Administration.
A Toyota spokesman could not be reached for comment immediately.
The consumer reported that car manufacturers will carry out service activities, which means that vehicles will be repaired free of charge.
But Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the car safety center, said it was not enough.
Trunk release is a safety feature designed to release trapped passengers
Ditlow wrote in an emailmail.
Toyota should make a safety recall.
Consumers are more likely to repair for recall than for service activities, he said.
The recall also has legal requirements, including rules in which automakers must report completion rates to safety agencies.
When asked why the recall was not possible, UN spokesman Karen AldanaH. T. S. A. Wrote in the email
The agency will "monitor the issue and take appropriate action as needed. ”Mr.
Fisher said the consumer report did not take a stand on whether a recall was needed.
The consumer report praised Toyota for its prompt resolution of the issue and for taking the necessary measures to ensure that if someone is trapped in a suitcase they can escape safely and easily, instead, the magazine said in a statement.
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