tracking and controlling your car remotely using arduino and android - car alarm remote

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-22
tracking and controlling your car remotely using arduino and android  -  car alarm remote
In fact, many of us may suffer or be afraid because his car is stolen.
In this project I will try to help you protect your cars and even control them remotely.
Basically you have to leave a phone in the car and when the car starts moving it will use its sensors to detect this, and will send you a message on your phone.
You can then send a message to stop the car immediately so that the thief can't turn it on again, and you can also send another message to get its location from there using GPS.
All of this can be easily implemented without coding experience.
All you need is Arduino, any Android smartphone and 1 Sheeld, they connect the mobile device and Arduino via Bluetooth and take advantage of its mobile app, so no Android coding is required. 1-Arduino Uno. 2-1Sheeld. 3-Relay (12V-40A)
Or 4X relay (10A). 4-Car Fuse 5-
Android phones. 6-
Wire and tin. 7-
Actually, I had this idea when I saw this video.
By removing the fuse in the power section of the car that connects the car key to the engine, you can turn off the engine.
So, I decided to place a relay on this node to control if I want to turn off the engine.
But you might be too careful from max.
The current of the fuse passes around 40a.
All too high.
You have to get the right relay.
I couldn't find the 40A relay near the electronics store, so I decided to buy a relay kit (4 relays)
Each person can carry 10 A and use them in parallel to divide the total current on them. 1-
I bought a car fuse and disconnected as shown in the picture. 2-
Use these two terminals and connect them to the relay. 3-
Connect the trunk to Arduino. 4-
If this is the first time you are working on 1 Sheeld, you will have to download the mobile app and Arduino library here.
Also, it is better to try any other code in the document so that it can be used at any time.
Basically, the code is so simple and easy.
It is based on using the accelerometer sensor of the smartphone to detect whether the car is moving or not, and then send you a SMS notification when the car is moving.
When you receive a text message, you have two options: first, send "gps" as a text message for the phone in the car to get the location of the car (
(Latitude and longitude).
Secondly, by switching the relay we placed instead of the fuse, send "stop" as a text message to stop the car from the phone in the car.
After uploading the code on the Arduino, connect it with the 1 Sheeld and fuse box in the car.
All you have to do is open the app in our phone and select the required shield in the video (
In order not to let the thief see, try to hide the mobile phone in a secret place.
Of course, we can add many other features to the mobile device, such as using the camera to take the image and send it to my mail to check the way the car is driven, or using Skype to send a video stream for a thief, or we can control the sound system in the car to alert the thief to fear, etcUnfortunately, we have to always turn on mobile data and send images or videos over the Internet, this will reduce the life of the battery.
However, I think we can save power by using the Tasker app.
We can turn off the mobile data and GPS from the sensor and under certain conditions (
Say acceleration meter)
Mobile devices turn on GPS and mobile data to use them.
Alternatively, use 1 Sheeld inside Tasker as a plugin to turn them on or off.
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