trunk open, but no theft - trunk open

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-02
trunk open, but no theft  -  trunk open
When I lived in Manhattan, more stories of readers from the city
1980 s, a common sign on the car window is "no radio" because the car is often hit by the sound system.
Midnight knife in Times Square (
Where I work at night)
Nothing great.
My Queen two years ago.
Born wife, determined to come back, at least part
Time, to her city, bought a studio in the West Village directly below the former village --
Meat area.
With the summer coming, she had packed up her winter apartment and drove back to our home in Cleveland the next morning.
She bought me a new Dr. Martens, specifically for the cold winter of the city, not Cleveland.
"I'll get it," she said on the phone . ".
I told her not to bother.
She said she was already on our way on the first floor.
Drive two blocks south to the bank and Washington.
I heard her gasping as she walked around the corner.
"The rear of the car is open.
"How long have you been away from it?
"A few hours ago, noon.
It's before 6.
I'll wait for her to get to the car.
"Wow," she said.
"There's everything here. ” Money and E-
ZPass on the console, things in the apartment, radio, and a pair of shiny new doctors Martens on the back.
It's really a different city than I left in 80 years.
Still, Donna, a native who came back to our apartment with his boots in his hand, said, "Glad you wanted your boots.
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