u.s. cities with the most stolen cars - top car alarm systems

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u.s. cities with the most stolen cars  -  top car alarm systems
Golden State once again became the Golden State of car thieves, because California is seven of the top ten car theft cities in the United States, according to the latest "hot spot" report released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)
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Tony Bennett may have left his heart there, but too many drivers have lost their rights in San Francisco (
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, Which led to the theft of more than 29,000 of cars in all subway areas across the country during 2014. The only non-
The city of spotsamong NICB motor "hottest" in California is Odessa, Texas, Spokane and Seattle, Washington. regions.
On the positive side, the FBI said that after a slight increase in 2012, various car theft cases steadily declined.
The FBI said there was a 5.
During the period 2013 and 7%, motor vehicle theft decreased by 2014, a decrease of 42.
8% since 2003.
The National Highway Safety Administration attributed this decline to various factors, including an increase in the use of standard anti-theft devices (
In particular, coded keys, engine fixtures, and remote information processing and positioning systems)
Strengthen and improve the prosecution of law enforcement agencies and raise public awareness.
For good or bad, here are the top ten hot spots of NICB in the United StatesS.
For car theft related to population size, brackets note the number of stolen vehicles during 2014.
While some industry watchers are thinking about how long the next generation of car cheaters will complete cutting --
Echic technology enables them to easily open the lock and engage the ignition on the current generation thrust ignition
The button enters/starts the vehicle, and the motive for the offender to break into the parked car is still the status quo.
That is to say, old cars tend to be cleaned into parts, or disassembled on the spot to recycle-
Dollar components like airbags or catalytic converters, or in so-
Called chop shop, sold to the shadow car parts store and mechanics as replacement parts.
At the same time, the new and more gorgeous stolen cars are more sold overseas, or sold domestically, and the title has changed, or just for a happy trip.
No matter where you live or what car you drive, it's important to take all precautions to protect one of the family's biggest expenses.
In addition to the surprising common sense that is often overlooked, such as closing windows and locking doors, parking in the well
NICB advised the driver not to leave the key in the ignition without being left unattended and have their vehicle stolen
Prove as much as possible.
This includes the use of anti-theft equipment, which usually also guarantees a discount on your car insurance. A steering-
Wheel locks like popular "clubs" are simple, cheap, and can work as well as expensive alarm systems.
The thief wants to get a car as soon as possible, and anything that might slow him or her down is enough to serve as a deterrent to choose another model on the block.
Installing a simple ignition "kill switch" in a hidden position will make it more difficult for cheaters to start a car or truck and drive it away.
It's also a good idea to have a vehicle identification number for your car or truck (
Commonly referred to as "VIN", it is found on the driver side of the dashboard at the bottom of the windshield and on the model title)
Etching on the windshield and main components makes it harder for the chop shop to sell as a replacement.
Especially if you're driving
Tickets for luxury or sports cars, a mile more, using subscription-based vehicle recovery systems such as LoJack or General motor's OnStar;
If cars and trucks are stolen, they all use GPS technology to help police find them.
Some vehicles can now even notify their owners via connected smartphone apps.
Bottom line: NICB encourages anyone with information about vehicle theft or insurance fraud to report anonymously and Call 800 directly-TEL-NICB (800-835-6422)
Send a text message to TIP411 with the keyword "fraud "(847411)
Or submit a form at www. nicb. org.
In addition, drivers can download the NICB Fraud prompt app for iOS and Android devices.
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