under trump, fuel economy standards for cars and trucks may be scaled back - auto window closer for car

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under trump, fuel economy standards for cars and trucks may be scaled back  -  auto window closer for car
Will President Donald Trump give up aggressive fuel?
Car makers and President Obama reached economic goals five years ago? Nobody knows.
But the automaker may not let him go that far.
Industry experts told The Times that the auto industry will certainly seek adjustments to federal regulations that force them to produce cleaner, less polluted cars and hope to push the deadline forward in the future
However, the complete cancellation of the enterprise average fuel economy plan may not be on their agenda for several reasons: capital commitment: Automakers plan for the next few years;
They have invested billions of dollars in the upcoming models, which are designed to take into account the fuel standards to be determined.
Global market: Fuel
Efficiency regulations and incentives for the world's major auto markets are in place
China's auto market, including China, is expanding sharply, especially the "new energy" vehicles used to control urban pollution.
Consumer demand: Americans buy bigger cars as gasoline prices fall.
But survey and sales data show that they want sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks to be as energy-efficient as possible.
Regulatory patchwork: California and other states that are concerned about global warming work closely together to coordinate their regulation with cafes.
Gutting CAFE could break that consensus and cause automakers to adjust their cars for the California market, something they 've done in the past and they don't want to do it anymore.
"Scrapping CAFE" won't stop them from having to develop fuel --
"In other parts of the world, efficient, clean vehicles, strict environmental standards may remain the same," said Michelle Krebs, senior analyst at Autotrader . ".
"They have gone too far on the road to developing energy"
Krebs said that efficient products with radical changes in cafes did not help them much.
"Will they tear up their entire product plan?
Because these are global companies.
"The cafe has been there since 1975, and after the Arab oil embargo, it was passed by Congress as a means of achieving energy independence.
Later, greenhouse gas emissions were included in the cafe's standards in response to global warming.
In 2011, automakers agreed to add miles per gallon to their cars and light carstruck fleets.
The goal at that time was 30.
Cars travel 2 miles a gallon, 24 miles.
3 light trucks.
After the federal government rescued GM and Chrysler, Obama's new plan combined the two categories of goals with a target of 44.
Travel 7 miles per gallon on 2021 and 54.
Five miles a gallon in 2025. (
These numbers cause a lot of confusion and seem to be more aggressive than the actual situation because EPA uses different analyses, one for the CAFE standard and the other for publishing in new-
Window sticker.
Window Stickers are usually 20% to 30% lower.
Today, the average window is about 25 miles per gallon, while the current cafe's 2025 target is about 40 miles per gallon. )
When they signed the contract, the automaker insisted on the "Middle
"Semester review" in 2018 ".
This is the mark that the Trump administration may make.
There have been changes in the work.
In a report this summer, government regulators said automakers are on track to achieve a 2021 target, but have to cut the 2025 target to accommodate the consumer's shift to cross-selling, transport and pickup.
Regulators had argued that car sales accounted for 67%, while SUVs, pickup trucks and other small trucks accounted for 33%.
Now, they are looking forward to approaching the age of 50. 50 mix.
Trump has made it clear that he is over-contemptuous of what he sees as a government --regulation.
The day after the election, November.
The report quoted John Mashburn, Trump's senior policy adviser, as saying that the CAFE standards will be reviewed to ensure that they do not harm consumers or American workers.
"The next day, the Automobile Manufacturers Alliance, a large auto lobby group, sent a letter to Trump's transition team, a copy of which was leaked to auto news.
Alliance chief executive Mitch Bainwol has called for a presidential advisory committee to guide the review process and hinted at a "new paradigm" for vehicle regulation ".
But the letter did not require an abandoned cafe.
Government analysts at the time calculated the cafe.
The associated price will add $926 to the average vehicle sold in 2016 and $2000 in 2025.
Although some external analysts calculate on their own, in some cases, these numbers have increased by thousands, no one knows except that the car manufacturer knows for sure.
In determining "consumer harm," economists, regulators and politicians weigh compliance costs against the social costs of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. (
No matter how light a vehicle is, it must comply with traffic safety regulations. )
The commitment of the new government to promote green energy has also been questioned.
S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised to create new jobs, calling global warming a hoax.
So far, executives at car companies have mostly been silent on the issue.
At the Los Angeles motor show, Ford chief executive Mark Fields told The Times that he "wanted the right policies.
GM's Chevrolet chief executive, Alan Batey, avoided the cafe and talked about Bolt, the company's new electric vehicle ).
"When it comes to electricity, this is our investment in the future.
He said, "it was not sold as a compliant vehicle. "Plug-
However, in hybrid and electric vehicles, while the federal tax credit is as high as $ 1%, it still accounts for less than 7,500 of car sales
There is no doubt that this will cause criticism in the Republican Congress.
The rapid progress in fuel efficiency is mainly through technical improvements in gasoline --
Electric vehicles and light trucks: light materials for body and power systems;
More efficient engine and air conditioning systems;
More sophisticated automatic transmission;
The engine that is quickly turned off and turned on, rather than idling at the traffic signal.
Some companies make faster progress than others.
The Alliance lobby represents the whole industry, but each company has its own agenda.
The sales mix of Japanese automakers tends to be small cars, scoring high on the overall fuel economy.
Detroit 3-General Motors, Ford and FCA (
-Large SUVsand sit for sale in large quantities of trucks and at the bottom.
"We are all in a good position right now," to meet CAFE standards, CEO David zujowski of Hyundai MotorS. -
The South Korean carmaker's headquarters said at the auto show.
"Any drastic fluctuation is unlikely to occur.
Alan Baum, market forecasters at Baum & Associates, said: "Even Ford may try to keep the cafe in place, despite some adjustments.
Ford sells popular F-
The 150 pickup truck and The Huge Adventure SUV, it has also invested a lot of money in the Ecoboost family of small cars and turbocharged direct camps
Jet engine.
"Ford is really dangerous, and many observers say Ford is very ahead," said Baum . ". "If [CAFE]
The rules have not changed and Ford will have an advantage because it has already invested in it relative to its competitors. "Even as U. S.
Buyers are still worried about fuel economy as they turn to fork trucks and SUVs.
According to a June survey by the Consumer Union, 70% of Americans believe that the U. S.
Government should increase fuel
Efficiency standards.
Consumer Alliance policy advisor
Car makers "know that even on those big cars, customers want better fuel economy," says Branstetter.
Even in the range of vehicle size, we will find that the higher the fuel economy, the higher the owner satisfaction. "The most fuel-
Ford F-efficient
The 150 engine is also the best-
Sell, she pointed out.
Mr. Baum said concerns about fuel economy were outside the scope of individual car buyers.
When consumers turn to intersections,truck, rear-wheel-
"The drive category is becoming more commercial fleet products," he said . ".
Since these trucks were purchased for commercial purposes, fuel economy "is clearly a huge problem in the calculation, said Baum. "russ.
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