vehicle thefts prompt reminder from calgary police not to leaves keys in ignition - gps car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-18
vehicle thefts prompt reminder from calgary police not to leaves keys in ignition  -  gps car alarm
Police in Calgary have warned drivers not to leave vehicles with keys unattended after arresting three people linked to a string of car theft.
Police say a minivan is driving outside Holiday Inn Calgary
Airport hotel stolen around 9m.
On Tuesday, November. 8.
Vehicle theft in Calgary rose 60% last year in Calgary's vehicle theft community: See where the surge in crime has occurred. The thief who got off the bus from nearby Honda Accord was observed, which in itself was considered stolen from Hawkwood motor service the day before, as well as 2010 modern Santa Fe from the same service store.
Police believe the two cars were stolen after breaking into the service store.
Hours drop-down box and retrieve key.
Later, a police helicopter took the three cars in different locations and observed two men and one woman.
The group eventually went to the stolen tipperry bar in Santa Fe, where all three were arrested by police and charged with multiple crimes.
All three cars were recovered.
The police also provided the following tips to reduce the risk of theft of the vehicle: Lock your vehicle;
Close windows and skylights when the vehicle is left unattended.
If you park your car in the garage, make sure that the garage door and pedestrian door above your head are also locked.
Don't leave spare keys in the car.
If your vehicle is not yet equipped with an after-sales car alarm, consider installing it.
Pay attention to where you are parked.
There are plenty of vehicles and pedestrians in the well-lit parking lot and on the street, which will help to stop car thieves.
Do not leave the garage door opener on the vehicle.
Thieves can use them to enter a family.
Don't put valuables in your vehicle.
This includes packages, mobile phones, GPS devices, laptops, clothes or money.
Don't park at night without lights.
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