Vic sex offender on the run again - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-17
Vic sex offender on the run again  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Violence and violence-
The risk offender escaped from the Victorian facility for the second time, although he wore two ankle bracelets to track each of his movements.
Police say Sean Andrew Carmody-
Coyle, 28, fled Cora square on Friday night but was not found.
Corella Place near arararat is a transitional facility for sexual offenders who have completed their sentences.
Detective Ian Campbell said that there may be five kitchen knives for the fugitive and that he should not be approached.
"He has a major criminal record for violence and serious sexual assault on women," he told reporters . ". Carmody-
Coyle is the second of five.
The court's one-year supervision order ordered him to stay at the facility and comply with the curfew.
He was wearing two ankle bracelets, one with an alarm when he left and the other with a GPS tracking device.
Police said the first bracelet triggered an alarm at 1. 08am (AEDT)
Friday, but not sure what happened to the second bracelet.
After several escapes, the bracelet was rolled out at the facility. Carmody-
Coyle fled the facility last year but was found in a nearby paddock the next day.
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