war declared on alarms that go chirp in the night - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-08
war declared on alarms that go chirp in the night  -  car alarms for sale
The constant chatter almost drove Jenna Mitchell crazy.
Every few seconds, throughout the evening, Venetian homeowners hear the same faint voice again and again ---beep . . . beep . . . beep.
The source is a neighbor's minivan, which is equipped with an alarm that makes continuous noise to stop potential thieves.
"It makes you crazy," Mitchell said . "
"You want the car to be stolen, or you want the tires to be hacked.
There are all kinds of evil thoughts in your mind.
Mitchell complained to her neighbors that there was no result.
When she called the Los Angeles police Pacific Division, the front desk officer told her that he had the same alarm clock on his car.
She became increasingly frustrated and began a campaign to crack down on the alarm of the beeps.
She raised the topic at parties and other parties and found that others were complaining too.
Mitchell offended her neighbor and let her sleep peacefully again.
But her war continues, and it may soon change Los Angeles. A.
The car landscape we know.
Jenna Mitchell is about to retaliate against the damn little alarm clock.
With the extinction of endangered species, the beep car alarm is a fairly rare variety.
As a supplement to the standard alarm, the "Sound status indicator" is priced at about $30, and when the car is parked, it keeps muttering to warn potential thieves to reconsider. (
The normal car alarm makes this signal visually through the flashing red light on the dashboard. )
Audible status indicator is a relatively minor sensation in the car alarm series.
After all, it's a small town where voice alerts are programmed to scream in English and Spanish.
"Stand back!
"If someone is near a car.
There was even a teddy bear sitting in the front row to give an alarm;
If this cute toy moves an inch, it will raise its ears --piercing wail.
But the beeping device has a special place in the history of urban nuisance in Los Angeles.
Driven by Mitchell and others, female MP Ruth gallant proposed that the city ban the sale of the equipment to Silma from San Pedro.
She also suggested disconnecting these devices in operation, and the city pushed state and federal legislation to ban the sale of these alarms.
The bureaucrats are in the corner of Galante.
City analyst Tamara Metcalf said in a report: "consensus of city staff," Sound status indicator is a public nuisance, for anyone who often hears beeps or whits, it can be a huge annoyance and disturbance.
"The city requires regular car alarms to turn off automatically in five minutes ---
The much louder issue of the alarm prompted them to take action and send a distress signal for several hours in a row.
The proposed legal supplement requires that the audible status indicator be turned off within one minute.
In preparation for the new ban, the city contacted 31 car alarm manufacturers. Only one--
American Alpine electronics company in Torrance--responded.
Despite some of the questions he raised, Alpine project engineer Dean Kanemitsu did not object to the ban: What about people who use car covers that don't allow potential thieves to see the flash on the dashboard?
Do those who own the device have to pay to disconnect?
What if you can turn off the bee at night?
The Los Angeles Police Department also has its own concerns that the force is too small to deal with violations.
"It's not a bad idea to treat in a vacuum," said Deputy Director Ronald . "
Frankel said in a report.
"In reality, however, it will be very difficult to implement.
"Voice status indicator one day in court ---
Well, in the City Council-on Wednesday.
It's not clear at all whether a tuk is more vulnerable to theft than a car sitting quietly with a flash on the dashboard.
Even mobile devices are no exception. --
Auto alarm manufacturers trading group--
I'm not sure what works best.
Trade association officials can't say how many beeps are outside.
They do say that one in every 10 cars in the United States will be crashed at some point.
They added that cars without alerts are 25 times more likely to be stolen than cars with alerts.
Some professional installers say they have beeping equipment stored on the shelves but are not recommended.
"I tell people that the noise is just getting their car out," says Richard Graff, an expert in Hollywood's car radio station.
Critics say the city has become so full of chir chirping that it sounds pointless.
Entertainment lawyer Steve Ashley, who lives in Venice, said the beeping made him very annoyed and he filed a complaint with Galante's office.
He said: "I parked my car in a lot of parking lots, some of which are like on the cricket ground.
"Ashley's car has been stolen twice over the years, but he still refuses to buy an alarm.
When so many alarms rang, he asked, what was their purpose?
"I don't lack empathy for the use of car alarms," he said . ".
"But now, when you hear the car calling the police in this city, you don't go after the thief.
You cursed the master and said, "a bird may fall on it.
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