weather service to test more graphic tornado warnings - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-10
weather service to test more graphic tornado warnings  -  new car alarm system
On Monday, the National Weather Service plans to start a new initiative in Kansas and Missouri to keep people in tornado lanes restless when potential devastating tornadoes hit.
According to the National Weather Service, under the new system, tornado warnings will be accompanied by harsh language such as "the possibility of mass destruction is high, making it impossible for survivors to identify the area ".
Even: "This storm is impossible to survive.
We call it "influence"
Dan Hawblitzel, a meteorologist at the National Meteorological Administration at Mount Pleasant, Missouri, said on Sunday: "This is based on warnings.
"The idea is to better convey the impact the storm may have on the community.
"Currently, tornado alerts from the National Weather Service usually cover some counties and urge people on the storm path to take action.
"There are quite a few excesses.
Continue issuing warnings;
That kind of car-
Alarm syndrome, "said Col Galyean, a meteorologist on the Weather Channel.
"People who live in areas where tornadoes occur frequently, such as Joplin, Missouri, are a little insensitive to warnings.
On last May, a tornado hit Joplin, killing 161 people and causing serious damage in the southwestern city of Missouri.
The new warning will be tested in both states by November 30.
After that, a team of social scientists and meteorologists will look at these responses and determine whether the system should be used nationwide, Hawblitzel said.
Hawblitzel said information such as "could completely destroy the entire community" could allow more people to post and take immediate action on social networking sites.
Galyean and Hawblitzel said that due to a new type of Doppler radar called double polarization, a more detailed warning is basically possible, it can measure the horizontal and vertical properties of the storm system, and can tell the forecasters whether the storm will pick up the debris, which is a clear sign of a destructive system.
"It's hard to tell now if the storm is really causing damage," Galyean said . ".
"This technology allows forecasters to actually see inside the storm and see different parts of the same storm system to better analyze its speed, direction and potential for destruction.
"In this way, we can be more sure that tornadoes are going straight in densely populated areas," Hawblitzel said . ".
These warnings will be issued to radio and television broadcasters that issue emergency warnings, local emergency managers who activate alerts and dispatch emergency services, and listeners of national weather service stations.
Last month, in the San Antonio area, many people who were hit by a tornado said they had heard the warning, but what prompted them to take action was the sight of a tornado.
"The forecasters are really worried about this," Galyean said . ".
"We can get information from the public, but the key is to keep the public eye on it.
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