what should you do in a fire in a tower block? fire brigade advice is ‘stay in’ - what is the best car alarm

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what should you do in a fire in a tower block? fire brigade advice is ‘stay in’  -  what is the best car alarm
The scale of the Grenfell Tower fire was "unprecedented"-London Fire Commissioner Danielle Coton said he had not dealt with such a scale fire in 30 years of fire fighting.
After a fire broke out in an apartment in Camberwell on 2009, the London Standard Fire Brigade's advice was to leave if the fire happened in your apartment, but to close the door and wait for the rescue otherwise.
The London Fire Brigade said in a video produced after the 2009 Camberwell fire that if there is fire in your apartment, but not in your apartment, it is usually safer to stay in the same place and hit 999.
The sign inside the glendfair building suggests residents stay in the apartment in the event of a fire.
The video warned that the smoke might bring it close-
It is impossible to see that entering the stairwell may make people lose their way.
The standard London Fire Brigade's advice to trapped residents is, "If you can't get out, find a safe room away from the fire-preferably a room with a window open.
Close the door and place bedding or any soft material at the bottom to block the smoke below.
If you have a phone call, call 999 and ask the fire brigade.
Be ready to describe where you are and the fastest way to contact you.
"Open the window and ask for help out loud if you're higher or you don't have a phone call.
London Fire Commissioner Danielle Coton said it was an unprecedented event.
In my 29 years as a fireman, I have never seen anything of such a scale.
More than 200 firefighters were sent to deal with the 27-day fire.
It is reported that Grenfell Tower, which has just passed the first floor.
On Wednesday fifteen o'clock A. M.
Firefighters confirmed that many people were killed in the fire.
The London Ambulance Service said 30 people had been taken to five hospitals in London, but the figure is expected to rise.
Police say some people are being treated for all kinds of injuries, including two people breathing in smoke, as can be seen from photos taken in North Kensington, where the fire swallowed up the entire block, smoke can be seen throughout the capital.
President of Kensington and Chelsea Council
Brown described the fire as a "very, very serious fire ".
He told Sky News: "It is clear that this is an absolutely devastating fire.
Hundreds of people will be in there.
This is a question of how many people are inside when a fire occurs.
"I really can't answer any questions about this structure.
Obviously there is a lot of work to do to evacuate the building and determine how safe it is.
Actor and writer Tim Downey, who lives about 600 metres from Latimer Road, told the Press Association that he was worried the neighborhood would collapse.
"It's terrible," he said.
The whole building was swallowed up by the fire. It’s gone.
The collapse of the building is only a matter of time.
This is the most terrible thing I have ever seen.
I just want them to save everyone.
The first thing I know is the siren, the helicopter, and the shout.
I saw it swallowed up by the flames.
A column of pungent smoke can be seen rising from the building before seven o'clock A. M.
There are still several layers of flames rising in the burnt building, as desperate efforts to control the fire continue.
Omar Kalam, an 11-year-old primary school student, and father Waleed, 44, stood anxiously in the emergency center.
My brother has friends who live there, he said.
I'm not sure if they're okay yet.
His father said parents of Aldridge College in Kensington, near where Omar attended, were told the school was closed.
Stuart Cundy, commander of Metropolitan Police, said: "All emergency services and other agencies continue to work together on the spot.
"I can confirm that some people have died and others are in medical care.
We will get in touch with close relatives soon.
"Anyone who cares about the loved ones in the fire should contact the casualty bureau that was opened after the fire.
Please try again if you do not pass immediately.
As a precaution, a large number of cordon lines still exist and some residents nearby have been evacuated.
The A40 is closed in two directions.
We kindly ask the public to stay away from the area.
I thank the public for their patience and cooperation today, which has greatly contributed to our police response.
"People keep bringing water, clothes, anything they need help to the cordon.
"I was distressed to see people coming out wearing bedding.
Jody Martin said he arrived at the scene just as the first fire truck arrived at Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road.
He told the BBC: "I grabbed an axe from the fire truck and it looked a little confused about what to do.
"I ran around the building looking for fire exits, but couldn't see any obvious fire exits around the building.
A lot of debris fell.
"I ended up on the second floor and when I got to the hallway I realized there was too much smoke there.
He added that given the thickness of the smoke, he would be surprised if someone could leave the building without help.
"I watched a man fall, and I watched another woman hold her child outside the window . . . . . . When I heard the scream, I yelled everyone was coming down and they said, 'We can't leave the apartment, 'and the smoke in the hallway was so bad, he said.
Firefighters from North Kensington, Hammersmith and Paddington and the surrounding stations are on the scene, and the fire burns from the second floor to the top floor.
The London Fire Brigade said it was unclear why the fire broke out.
Fabio Bebber wrote on Twitter: "As the fire spread to the other side of the building, more people screamed for help.
We can see how fast the fire is spreading through the external panel.
It's unbearable to hear someone screaming for their lives at the grenfelltower.
"George Clark told Radio 5 live on Channel 4's TV show Amazing Space:" I was lying in bed and I heard the beeps and beeps "I'll get up and go downstairs as soon as I can ".
"I thought it might be a car alarm outside and I saw the light through the window.
"I was covered with volcanic ash, how bad it was.
I am 100 away, covered with ash.
"It was so heartbreaking, I saw someone flashing a torch on the top floor and apparently they couldn't get out.
"These guys are doing an incredible job trying to get people out of the building, but it's really bad.
Dan Daley, assistant director of the London Fire Brigade, said: "In very difficult conditions, firefighters wearing breathing devices are working very hard to deal with the fire.
This is a very serious event and we have deployed a lot of resources and professional equipment.
London Ambulance said they had sent "a lot of resources" to the site, including the hazardous area response team ".
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wrote on Twitter: "There has been a major incident in Grenfell Tower in kensington" and urged people to follow London on Twitter
Stuart Critton, assistant operations director, ambulance services, London, said: "We have sent a number of resources to the site, including our hazardous area response team and more than 20 am building staff. ‘Our priority (is)
Keep people safe and make sure they get medical help as soon as possible.
"Our priority is to assess the extent and nature of the injury and to ensure that the people who need it most are treated first and taken to hospital.
"Former Chancellor of the Treasury, now the editor of The Evening Standard, George Osborne, wrote on Twitter:" I just saw this terrible tower fire near my home in London W.
I pray with the affected people & the hero fix this.
London Transport said there was no service between Hammersmith and Edgware Road, between Hammersmith and City line, while police said the A40 was closed in both directions due to the fire.
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