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by:Kingcobra     2019-11-07
when will we know what it is mookie betts wants?  -  the best car alarm
I’ll admit it.
Over the past few months, I have consciously avoided talking or listening to talk about the status of the contract for Mookie Betts.
Defending the most valuable player in the US league, with one of the most lovely abilities and charm combinations ever made by the Red Sox (
At least during the heyday of Pedro Martinez, the Dominican flag was flying in Fenway)
It was not until the end of two seasons that free agents were played.
The Red Sox have to make a decision on several overall players.
Bogaerts including Xander, Chris for sale, Rick Porcello-
Before the end of the Betts deal
There was always some hope until his deal expired, and of course there was a real desire to lock Betts in as a Red Sox player.
But I wouldn't say it was urgent because I was worried that it was too early for him to leave.
Betts contract chat usually feels like a way to get in the middle of a sports radio station, trying to raise an alarm in the winter when they get tired of talking about another Patriot winning.
Well, some of the things that you might have heard of have happened, but have not changed --worry-about-a-
Perspective of things on this address.
Bryce Harper is arguably the third.
The most talented Prime Ministerof-
Professional baseball star, 13-
In March 2, a $0. 33 billion contract was signed with the Phillies, the largest total wage in the sport's history.
After signing his record contract, Harper gave hints that he wanted Mike Trout-the best player in more than half a month-
For more than ten years, Willie Mees of our time, 27, was already a producer of more careers than Hall of Fame Dave Winfield, Hank Greenberg, old fladimere greello
With him in Philadelphia.
It's a guess, but it also seems to be a fascinating realistic possibility that New Jersey natives and Philadelphia sports fan Troot might one day join Harper.
That said, until Tuesday's wh, when there was news that Trout had reached a huge deal to stay with Angels for just $426 over the next 12 years. 5 million.
All of a sudden, the second parameter of the game is set to Betts
The best player, one may be able to close the gap between Trout.
Harper's got $0. 33 billion.
$426 for Trout5.
All logic immediately suggests that Betts should be somewhere between them, though closer to the classification of trout than Harper.
We now know what Betts expect from the contract, and even if there are two years left, it will naturally expand the discussion of his contract.
One question must now be asked, one with two explanations and two different answers.
What do you want, Moch?
This is most important, asking to know what it takes to get him to sign that long and profitable deal before the free agency arrives, let alone frustrate the concerns that he might be leaving.
But it also raises a more important question, one not about money, but about the destination he wants.
All economic opportunities are equal and satisfying, does he want to stay here for a long time? term?
Does he want to go to Boston?
What do you really want and where do you want to go?
Asked on Wednesday how Trout's lucrative environment would affect himself, Betts were not entirely encouraging, at least on the possibility of signing an extension.
"I like here in Boston.
This is a great place, he said.
"I already like to go up in the cold north.
That doesn't mean I want to sell myself for less than I am.
Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported on Tuesday that Betts rejected a $0. 2 billion extension in 2017.
Betts are content to play with it every year;
He will earn $20 million this year, the highest of his second season in arbitration.
Betts confirmed on Wednesday that he had previously rejected the offer for an extension, and so far the bet on himself has proved wise.
It sounds like he's certainly not interested in the extension this year.
"That's exactly what I expected," he said when asked if he wanted to play this season without an extension.
"I don't want anything to happen until I become a free agent.
"These five terrible words-" until I became a free agent "-are the first confirmation that he has been in the market for a long time at the moment --term plan.
As a fan of the Red Sox, please continue to ring the alarm.
But don't complain about how much money he will make.
Some fans like to say that it's ridiculous to make so much money to play games.
Complaining about salary is nothing new.
I'm sure some fans are troubled by the fact that Carl astzemski's salary has increased from $50,000 in 1967 to $100,000 in 68, or when Jim Rice, Wade bob Stanley made over $1 million in 85, or when the Red Sox provided a report to Kirby puc, then-Five unheard
In 91, the deal as a free agent reached $35 million.
But it's not just a game.
It's a job that requires extraordinary skills, hard work and a fair amount of luck, just to make the profession better, let alone become a legend in production.
Yes, it's surprising that over the next ten years, Trout will make $426,500,000 to play baseball.
There are a lot of zeros.
More money than Alex Rhodes. the highest-
Paid players in baseball history ($396 million)
Throughout his career
That's more than double Barry Bond's.
But Angel TV deals are worth $3 billion.
They can easily afford the deal, and trout may seem like a deal until the deal is over.
I will never understand that players should not make the team willing to pay their best.
Pay the best.
Do you really prefer the boss to make that money?
It can be stressful to wait to see what happens to Betts, and sometimes it can be frustrating.
You can't help but ask if the Red Sox will throw a number at him and let him decide to give up waiting for freedom --agent jackpot.
Is it OK for $0. 45 billion? $475 million? $500 million?
It is not clear now that there may not be any numbers at all to prevent him from exploring free agents.
I didn't blame him for maximizing his value.
I just hope we can find this number when the Red Sox offer that he can't refuse.
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