why are the sales of electronics for your car expected to rise 12 percent this year? - car electronics system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-29
why are the sales of electronics for your car expected to rise 12 percent this year?  -  car electronics system
What is vehicle remote information processing?
In fact, the computer and electronic technology involved in our cars have a specific name to describe ---
This is called remote information processing.
Over the past few years, with the progress of mobile phones, Internet and GPS receivers, the vehicle remote information processing business has changed very rapidly, but we can look at several parts to understand about in-Automotive Electronics.
How did some of us get around before GPS?
For those of us who have a poor sense of direction, the GPS receiver is a great tool ---
They use satellite-Fired radio signals to send detailed maps, specific directions and important locations such as gas stations and restaurants to small boxes installed on dashboards.
Most GPS receivers are battery powered and can be integrated into the audio and power systems of your car, and their help makes them more and more popular with car owners.
Keep checking email
So far, Mail on BlackBerry devices is considered to be very standard, as many busy staff are plagued by so-called "ringtones", but if wireless technology can be integrated directly
Mobile phones and hands
Off set is becoming a big part of in-
Automotive Electronics--
For example, the new Land Rover LRX has an iPhone dock that allows you to control many features of the vehicle from the phone itself-
Some companies are producing cross-cutting products between laptops and GPS to enable more wireless connectivity.
Many of these systems plan to use WiMax, a new cellular Internet based on big cities, so one can view e-commerce
When they encounter traffic jams on their way to work, mail and ask for directions.
Unless you are a spy, this technology is primarily used for shipping and delivery businesses that send a large number of vehicles and products.
Delivery trucks, taxi companies, repair and maintenance companies can all use advanced electronic equipment to track workers and plan important and sometimes complex routes.
These devices can improve efficiency and reduce losses caused by human error, so more companies are likely to be willing to spend a little more money on decent security tracking systems.
Vehicle Remote information processing and other internal business
Automotive Electronics is the best of both worlds--
To improve efficiency, businesses are willing to spend on advanced products and consumers are looking for the easiest way to integrate all their gadgets.
More information about cars, electronics and in-
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