windows do not automatically lower under water, honda says - power window system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-19
windows do not automatically lower under water, honda says  -  power window system
Honda said on Thursday that news reports said the electric windows on its car were automatically opened during the storm, flooding the car.
Reported that the sensors detected when the car was flooded were the culprit.
But Honda doesn't have a feature and if the car is underwater, it will roll down the window and Chris Martin, a spokesman for Honda, USA, wrote in an emailmail.
It is widely reported that some Honda owners went to inspect their vehicles and found that the power windows had been lowered, resulting in the vehicle being filled with water.
A report by The Associated Press on Tuesday said that Reggie Thomas, the maintenance supervisor at a prison near the spilled Hudson River, came out of an overnight shift, he had a toothbrush in his front pocket to find his Honda car with a window down and 1 feet of the water in it.
Windows are automatically closed when the car is flooded to the free driver.
This is not true, sir. Martin wrote.
He wrote that when the car was flooded, there was no function of automatically lowering the window.
But Honda window switch specifications have been asking our power window switches for years to open the windows even when the car is flooded.
So if someone is still in the car and is conscious after the car is flooded, someone can still open the window as usual.
He added that this applies to all Honda and Acura models sold for at least the last 10 years or more. âx80x9dMr.
Martin wrote that he did not know that such a problem had been discovered before.
Federal Department of Transport spokesman Karen Aldana said the situation is beyond the government's mandate because issues like "leaks" are consumer satisfaction issues, not vehicle safety issues.
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