young lower mainland gangsters sent to prison on arson conspiracy, gun charges - best car alarm with gps tracking

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young lower mainland gangsters sent to prison on arson conspiracy, gun charges  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
The plea deal reached on the project temper charges sentenced young gangsters to four and six years' imprisonment.
Two young men involved in a violent gang clash in the mainland are in B. C.
Supreme Court Thursday
Ahmed Dir Singh Gill and Walta Abay, as well as five others, were arrested on October 2017 following an investigation by the Vancouver police and Joint Forces special executive force into the "temper of the project.
Jill and Abu were initially charged with conspiracy to murder and other charges.
But as part of a plea deal reached in this case, the murder conspiracy charges were put on hold.
The 22-year-old Jill and the so-called "Jill group" leaders admitted to conspiracy to set fire, plot to fire guns and own a loaded prohibited gun.
Judge William Ek accepted a joint statement from the royal family and defense lawyers on Thursday, sentencing Jill to six years in prison, plus a 20-month sentence. trial custody.
24-year-old Abay was sentenced to four years in prison after admitting to sitting in a car with Gill and knowing that there was a gun with bullets inside.
Elie noted that both were younger and both admitted their crimes and regretted their crimes.
Each family member attended a judgment hearing in court, one by one in Vancouver court.
Ike first stated the agreed facts in Jill's case.
"As part of a broader effort to investigate the ongoing gang clashes in mainland Vancouver, the Vancouver Police Department launched the" temper program "to investigate and crack down on violence caused by kabdir Gill (Gill)
And his colleagues . "
On every day there is a court order that allows it to intercept the phone between Jill and his associates from October 20 to 17 years earlier.
During the interception, Jill directed a young man identified as Liu to burn down the Kerrisdale real estate office because "Jill thought the man's son owed a large sum of money to Jill's boss, Ike said.
The judge said that the young people who were recruited to do the job owed Jill money and would receive debt relief due to the burning of the business. In an Oct.
2017 on the phone, "Jill told Liu that he needs to finish it tonight.
But the young man fell asleep in the alarm clock, so the arson was delayed until the next night.
Just before midnight, police intercepted a Ford Explorer at a corner near the target building driven by another passenger associated with JL.
The police found two cans of Red Jerry filled with gasoline, a blowtorch and a lighter.
They let the young man go and they called Jill and told him they were "stopped by the police.
The next day, Jill said on the phone that he needed a message, "he wants mom f-kers to pay . "
The police stopped it again.
It was an arsonist. he carried two milk cans full of gasoline.
Later in October, Jill instructed another youth and a colleague to drive a car.
Take a street shot at Fraser, where some competitors live.
Ehrcke said he told his crew "how to get a different license plate and how to use the rifle afterwards . ".
Police hid a rifle with bullets in a high-pressure washing machine box of Ford Explorers near the house, targeting the accomplices.
Later in the month, Abay asked Jill if there was a "little bitch" on an interception call "--
Ike said it was a meeting on guns.
"Jill responded by saying he had nine. ”On Oct.
On the 25 th, a GPS tracking device was placed in a vehicle of a known drug dealer, "Abay and Gill are monitoring the movement of the GPS tracking device," Ehrcke said . ".
The unit was dismantled by police on October.
At the age of 26, take it to Vancouver and then to bennabby, with Abbe and Jill following in a rented Mercedes.
When police tried to pull them over, Mercedes drove past "and crashed into a police car," Ehrcke said ".
"It lost control and flipped to one side.
Jill and Abbe climbed out and were arrested.
"A loaded gun was found in the front passenger area of Mercedes.
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