your heartbeat is your new password - car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-20
your heartbeat is your new password  -  car alarm system
As passwords move in the direction of CDs, vinyl records and dinosaurs, a new technology is rapidly emerging as the leader in replacing passwords.
While some tech companies are playing with fingerprints, iris recognition, and even brain waves,
The company, called Bionym, has launched a wristband sensor that detects a user's heart rate.
It's called Nymi and it works on the principle that everyone has a unique heartbeat, which is harder to replicate than fingerprints, iris, or face recognition.
To be used to log in to the computer or unlock the door, the bracelet is equipped with a sensor that reads the ECG (ECG)
The pulse of the wearer.
To register, the user touches the sensor on the wristband for about two minutes.
Once the device identifies a heart signature belonging to the registered owner, it can authenticate an unlimited range of electronic devices, including hotel room doors, home security systems, tablets and sensitive data systems.
Once the ECG rhythm is stored, Nymi will recognize only this unique feature.
The system communicates via Bluetooth with applications running on a specified device.
Once on the wrist, Nymi can wave on the car lock, brush the ATM and home alarm system.
The wristband is also able to make a sound or vibration that alerts the wearer to email or social media messages that will appear on the small LED screen.
The New York Mercantile Exchange is priced at $79 and is expected to remain below $100.
The first version will be compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X devices.
The promotional video from Nymi shows someone sliding from bed to airport, from hotel to Cafe, effortlessly logging into the device and unlocking the door without having to enter a password or purchase a key.
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