youth, 17, killed in police chase - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-06
youth, 17, killed in police chase  -  car alarm
Siren and 17-year-
Early yesterday morning, the old man killed Joyce whittdrake.
Whitdrake said at her door: "The siren rang, the car screamed, speeding, then crushing, slamming-then the car alarm wouldn't ring, A few hours after a terrible crash across the street under investigation by the province's Special Investigation Department.
"I know it's really bad when the alarm doesn't sound.
"After the wreckage was cleared, Rudy Gibson stopped in front of the glass on his way to comfort a friend who had not yet had the courage to identify his son's body --
Flowers are sprinkled on a pole in Victoria Park and Holland bird park.
"He's just 17 years old," Gibson said of Hilton lucchman, who called Uncle Gibson even though he was just a good friend of the family.
"He's like a son to me.
"The Pole became the Holy Land of Lutchman, who was chased south by police at Victoria Park, crashed into a northbound car and crashed into a house before stopping on the lawn.
He was pronounced dead at the scene.
A Toronto police officer is conducting a traffic check at Victoria Park south of Eglington Avenue. E.
Found the black ac song Lutchman was driving around 12: 15 a. m. m.
"After running the plate ,(she)
"It was reported to have been stolen and started tracking the car," said SIU spokesman Rose Bliss . ". The 33-year-
The old driver who was hit broke his wrist and left.
Wheldrake said that when emergency workers split luttchman's car for CPR, it looked like "a crumpled piece of metal ".
"He's a great kid," Winston Richmond said of his son who likes to play video games . ".
"The car was not stolen," said family friend Wayne Morris at the scene . ".
"The license plate number that does not belong to him is his car.
He was scared and tried to run away, which, if so, was unwise.
This is the end result.
When he was one year old, he moved from Guyana to Canada.
"He is a very good boy, a very good child," Gibson said . ".
"Tears filled my eyes.
Former mayor John Howell, a member of the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition, said Luchman's death was one of many "preventable tragedies ".
"The Toronto Police's joint request to stop hunting after a crash that killed three teenagers was rejected.
15-year-old Gavin Joseph, 16-year-old Monique McKnight, and 17-year-old Alyssa Ashley were killed in June 2 when the stolen car Joseph was being pursued by the police.
"One out of every four Chase is hurt," Sewell said . ". "That's a lot.
This is a very, very high cost, especially when most of the Chase does not involve any form of violence.
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