Cream of the Mash: Ten Incredibly Annoying Video Game Sidekicks

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-09
Original post: Sept.
In 29 years, on the topic of partner, let\'s consider the first Robin, perhaps the most famous partner.
Initially, the boy\'s surprise was developed to make it easier for the little boy to reach Batman comics;
They can imagine that they are Robin and are taking a fantastic adventure in the captain\'s crusader.
Another reason Robin is introduced is that Batman will find someone to discuss his case together, while reducing its reliance on Moody\'s narrative or the dreaded cliché \"comic book characters talking to themselves\" moments.
Robin is also a storyline point, with a famous description in Frank Miller\'s return of The Dark Knight (
In the moody narrative)
As a \"boy Robin hostage.
\"There are many other reasons to include an assistant in addition to the above reasons.
The same is true of video games.
Unfortunately, like in other novels, sidekicks tend to be an annoyance.
Even useful is often completely irritating.
Let\'s review the worst criminals, why they probably serve their purpose, and why gamers around the world want to queue up in front of the firing squad.
Let\'s reach out to VG Cats, a game web comic with many articles that perfectly illustrate why we hate these characters so much. (Dis)
Dear recommender: Daxter (
Jak and Daxter series)
I \'ve been annoyed by WHO, but I haven\'t played enough games yet to make a full review.
Although I might be more inclined to play games if he\'s not in the game, so go ahead. 10.
Doctor Louis game: Punch inOut! !
Purpose: coach, Coach, bike thief Doc Louis of Carl Winslow
Little Mac\'s find corner man is notorious for offering advice that might be useful a few months ago: \"Join the Nintendo Entertainment Club.
Nintendo entertainment club is a pre-destination for unoccupied players.
Cursor for Nintendo Power magazine.
So if we take his advice, he says we should subscribe to a newsletter a few months ago so we can get the tips we need.
Okay, doctor, but what does this help me? I now have a giant with a fist as big as a car, and when he drinks vodk he stares at me . . . . . . Uh,
He beat me from one post to the other, I barely survived in the first round, you want me to subscribe to a magazine9.
Purpose of the game: Transportation Yoshi is a very useful little dinosaur.
He can eat enemies, spit their bodies on other enemies, he can fly, spit fire, do some small earthquakes according to his color/diet (
Although I heard he is a huge fan, it is not the Tori Amos album).
Nevertheless, a character does not end in frustration: he is a coward.
He went there and ran screaming from the cliff, followed by our brave beard hero who desperately wanted to catch him.
Super Mario World is one of the few games my mother tried to play in 1990s.
This is the last time.
Until today, if you listen carefully at my parents\' house, you can still hear \"that damn YOSHI!
She never played again.
What kind of personal trauma can lead to such a reasonable way of friends and transportation become so suicidal and revenge.
Baby Mario game: Super Mario World 2: Purpose of Yoshi Island: plot point, goods, car alarm. This trauma.
Instability and resistance of Yaoxi
Childhood trauma can explain social behavior in later years.
You see, a young Yoshi was forced to look after a grumpy, confused, possibly dirty Mario baby a few years ago.
This is a vicious circle of abuse and retaliation.
As a baby, Mario had Yoshi experience unspeakable torture, and as an adult he was enslaved as a means of transport.
The only thing he can retaliate against is Yoshi.
It\'s really sad. now I think of it. Mario is a jerk.
Still, Yoshi Island is a game that is seriously undervalued.
But whenever you get hit, Baby Mario starts to cry and make a noise, and I\'m sure what those bagpipes we can\'t hear are for dogs.
If there is a better inspiration that will allow you to perform so well in the game that you will never get hit, I would like to hear. 7.
Hal \"Otacon\" Emmerich game: solid purpose of Metal Gear: support, terrible reflection, shame you to be a nerd. We play games to escape. it\'s no secret.
Otherwise, how can you explain the thousands of people who made their own main chiefs or linked costumes to attend the meeting (
Or daily use)
Knowing this, Konami plays Hal Emmerich, nicknamed Otacon, on the support position, talking to Snake via a codec radio in a Metal Gear Solid.
Otacon\'s nickname sounds a bit impressive, doesn\'t it?
This is a reference to the anime/manga/live character-playing conference.
Hal is a nerd, you see.
He spits some \"nerdy wisdom\" at Snake throughout the game and talks about how much he likes anime.
Basically, he is a reflection of most of the audience in the game.
Thanks to God, Konami decided against their original character design: a fat man who eats chocolate bars a lot.
* Even so, even the best-adjusted nerds run into tears to drink cherry cola.
It\'s not a joke, I swear. 5 and 6 (tie).
Use of Star Fox: Cannon Fodder/tutor.
Smooth clams fit the prototype of \"boy hostage.
Toad clams are a fully incompetent pilot with undetermined gender and a public urinal.
Slippy has absolutely no purpose in addition to possibly making you happy with saving the little idiot\'s hideout.
Or, you can shoot him yourself if you have a reply.
I think he has never really worked in the game.
None of your teammates are that useful in Star Fox, but Slippy is particularly annoying.
As for Peppy, I have only one sentence to say: no! ! !
I don\'t want to make a bucket roll, you can\'t let me, you stupid rabbit! 4.
Tails game: Hedgehog Sonic 2 purpose: occupi\'s little brother, I\'m sure a lot of people will be linked to this situation: you\'re playing the game, but mom insists that you play with your younger brother
So, you let them in, but the problem is that they are not familiar with it, and your technical level is much higher.
If you are playing a competitive game, you are finished now because they will drag you down.
This is why the invention of the tail is very breakthrough.
He is the second player to contribute, but it doesn\'t matter at all.
The tail can die millions of times, and it doesn\'t matter as long as the sound waves are alive.
Unfortunately, this is what he really does for the tail: death.
Of course, as the technology advances and the tail is given more personality, he becomes so annoying that he still stands out among about 700 Hedgehog characters that no one cares about.
The animated series did not even touch. (
Search for \"tail abuse\" on YouTube \")3.
Ashley Graham game: Purpose of Resident Evil 4: plot point, distracting Ashley Graham is both the plot point of Resident Evil 4 and the greatest thrill.
On the surface, the purpose of the game was to save her.
After all, she is the daughter of the president, and unfortunately you carry the burden of Ashley more quickly than I think.
When this controversial harpy starts screaming for your help, you will be going through the puzzle.
You must give up what you are doing immediately (
You know, you want to win.
To save her.
If you ask me, the president will have a better life without her.
She may ask him to stop and talk to her during the policy meeting.
This is a shame because resident in an evil world can really use the legislature \"science companies without evil, mutation\", but as long as this tool exists, this will never happen. 2.
Dog hunting game: duck hunting purpose: the living manifestation of failure is known to everyone.
That damn, worthless, sneaky, poor dog!
Missed your shot in duck hunting and flea hunting
The bitten dog jumped up and laughed at you.
Almost the best friend of mankind.
What way will the best friend rub your face when you fail, it\'s bad enough, we will be hungry, I don\'t need one to make things
\"Being able to shoot duck hunting dogs\" is the game elf code we always wanted but never got, and there\'s a reason for that. 1.
NaviGame: Legend of Zelda: Tao Di Na purpose of time: for many, Navi is an unfortunate issue with the best game ever.
One of the pleasures of Ocarina is that it provides you with a vast and vast world of exploration.
There are so many explorations, so many things to do, and so many branch tasks to discover.
Without your fairy companion Navi yelling, \"Hey, listen!
Navi is very useful.
She is part of the target system and by checking the enemy you can sometimes identify their weaknesses.
You can use her to talk to people in the distance and read the signs in the distance.
But God will forgive you if you spend more than 30 seconds doing something else, or Navi will punish you. “Hey!
I don\'t know what Saria is doing right now \"I don\'t know Navi, but I\'m sure she won\'t be yelled at by some damn fairy.
This is enough to drive a legendary hero crazy.
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