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Why should I turn to Kingcobra?
Kingcobra has a number of competitive advantages over other brands. In this highly competitive society, we believe that innovation is the driving force for brand's development and growth, so we have established our own professional R&D team to develop new Kingcobra models to keep up with the trend. A professional service team of our experienced staff is highly recognized by our clients for their skills and professional considerations.
Any brands for high end basic car alarm system ?
Kingcobra could be the very sought-after manufacturer of car alarm to help produce high-end car alarm and provide high-quality services in China. With the rigorous focus on detail from design through to manufacturing, we provide an item line that's high quality, reliable and has a higher cost-performance ratio. This emphasis can be placed on creating new products to fulfill the changing trends of the contemporary market. Over the past years, Kingcobra has gained a reputation for a superior partner.
Any good brands for best car alarm ?
When you're trying to be the most sought-after company in your area, you want to do one thing extremely well -- in reality, better than anyone else in your area-- or you won't ever finish first. The single matter Kingcobra does exceptionally well is fabricating car alarm . With rigorous attention to detail in design through to manufacturing, we offer an item line that is high quality, reliable and has a top cost-performance ratio.
What are raw materials for car security system production?
As an important part of producing an exquisite car security system , high-quality raw materials selection is essential for the producer. Besides that, the raw materials also have a great influence on its price, which is one of the important factor taken into buyer's consideration. The quality of raw materials should be attached great importance as well as its great durability. Before being processed, raw materials should be tested strictly. This is aimed at guaranteeing quality of it.
KC-AT999 Arm function not working
Pls be aware that the user can set up the system to be with Armed mode or without Armed mode
The Hand-free Trunk Open System not working
A. Check and connect the Power properly; B. Check and connect Negative wire correctly; C. Check and connect the Fuse well; D. Check and connect the White signal wire right; E. If ACC ON, then this system not working (trunk won't open by foot triggered); F. If foot triggered many times in a short time, the system would enter into "anti-play" mode, then wait 3 seconds before you again lift the foot; G. After foot triggered, you should put down your foot onto the ground.
The alarm is easily triggered when a heavy vehicle is passing through?
A.Check if the shock sensor is too sensitive.
The alarm sounds 10s after the vehicle is armed, same problems keeps happening again?
A.Check if the shock sensor is too sensitive, B.Check if the door pin switches are damaged C.Check wire connection
The siren keeps chirping while the main unit installs?
A.Check if the socket is insert converse or check the wires connection or the CPU safety fuse. B.If back up battery is used, check if the switch is positioned at ON status.
The siren does not sound when the system is triggered?
A.Check if the sirens are available.. Check the wire connection between the siren and main unit.
The central lock does not work?
A.Check if the actuators are working. B.Check wire connection. C.Check if the fuse of the main unit is damaged.
The remote control does not make the main unit work?
A.Check the battery level in the remote control. B.Check if the remote control is moisten or crash. C.Check if the frequency of the remote control is changed.
The remote control does not work?
A.Check the battery level. It is suggest to replacing a new battery each year. B.Check if the remote control is moisten or crash.
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