How many new car alarm system are produced by Kingcobra Electronics per year?
By serving the market with the annual production of car alarm , we have consolidated our commitment to this market. We will continue to invest in increasing the capacity of our production facilities. We want to be able to meet all production requirements within one year and meet your order within an acceptable delivery time.

Zhongshan Kingcobra Electronics Co.Ltd. has gained increasing popularity in the central locking system market. Kingcobra focuses on providing a variety of car rear view camera for customers. Kingcobra 2 way car alarm is superior in raw materials: inferior raw materials are totally rejected into the factory. And the high quality raw materials are well accepted though they will increase the cost of production. The product provides easy access for drivers to know their car conditions. The product is approved by experts and has good performance, durability and practicality. It can remind drivers of some dangerous traffic conditions.

With our commitment and persistence, Kingcobra promises to deliver top quality car alarm kit with reasonable price for retailer and wholesaler. Welcome to visit our factory!
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