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OEM Market

Kingcobra is a professional manufacturer of car accessories, especially for car alarm systems. We have many loyal & honest customers from all over the world, and they are always demand and require special products with special designs and functions, by which would capture more and more marketing shares.


OEM customers always believe that " Differences make better and more marketing sales".

We, Kingcobra sincerely hope to be with you by OEM services / products for more and more marketing, longer term friendly WIN-WIN business relationship.


If you like, then you can.

Kingcobra is right here waiting for you and your OEM requirements.


Middle East Markets

Great OEM markets for Middle East

Special alarm system for Turkey ;

Unique designs of products to Dubai ;

Jordan market demand more and more ;

Lebanon also become better and better ;

Saudi Arabia market should be bigger and bigger;

It would be fine soon for Syria market ;


Kingcobra would be with you for stable good quality products by more competitive prices.


Pakistan Market

China is all weather friend of Pakistan


Southeast Asia Markets

Special & big markets inside Asia

As China become more and more open to the world, those countries nearby would pay more attention and try greater effort to search and import goods (products) from China. While the world is focusing on the great growth of China economy, those countries of Southeast Asia are growing rapidly, too.





the Philippines,







Throughout the industry of car accessories, Kingcobra is right here for you as a friendly business partner.



West Africa Markets

 Friendships from West Africa

 It seems a long distance between China and West African countries, however, in fact, it's quite short distance indeed for our relationships. We meet together via exhibitions, messegers talking and phone calls, by which we communicate smoothly and friendly make the business.


Besides the goods/products, we often show our happiness while meeting to our customers by "small gifts".

Those "small gifts" include our new suggestions and advice of the marketing, and OEM ideas onto new products.


Above all, Kingcobra would be right choice to you for the business of car accessories.


Iran Market

Partnerships from Iran

 Iran, as a member of Middle East, however, its market is quite different and unique. Under the sanction from USA, Iranian people still try their effort to make great deals with Chinese companies.


The Bandar Abbas is one of the busiest ports in the world, which is the most important port to IRAN for the goods from China or other countries.


Products with special functions from Kingcobra are quite welcome and appreciated by our friendly clients and Iranian consumers.


Latin American Markets

Important Business from Latin America

China–Latin America relations are relations between the People's Republic of China and the countries of Latin America. The relations between China and Latin America have become increasingly important.


Kingcobra embrace the world, and warmly welcome the friends (partners) from Latin America, and OEM orders and requirements as well.


East Africa Markets

Different and special demand from East Africa

As well as the East Africa concerned, you might think its conflicts and poor and less potential business. But in fact, such thinking is the limited of your mind and not the true reality showing of all East African countries.


The people from East Africa are positive and passionate. From the deals between Kingcobra and customers from East Africa in recent years, we can feel and make sure.


For the business, Kingcobra would be always with you to seek the success by our effort.


North Africa Markets

Inquiry from North Africa

 Libya is little by little being stable and good business surroundings.

Products from Kingcobra are selling and waiting for more and more clients from North Africa to explore the great markets together.

One way car alarm system

Keyless entry system

Two way car alarm system


Power window


Anyway, OEM orders & requirements are warmly welcome / appreciated.



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