Pete McMartin: Former B.C. premier Mike Harcourt weighs in on drug legalization

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-09
Long time ago, dinosaurs wandered around the Earth and the Earth. C.
Political Landscape, Mike Harcourt is a fresh
Facing a criminal defense lawyerHis anti-
His City of Vancouver and Premier League are still ahead of him.
He hasn\'t fallen off the deck of the cabin yet.
He saw some poor things in court as a lawyer.
Mainly his clients.
\"Some of them, like George, a very bad liar, suffered what we call\" intentional blindness.
I don\'t remember robbing a bank and putting his finger in his pocket pretending to be a gun, when six cameras and seven witnesses, including the teller, did.
Ran to the car where he ran away, but he locked himself out.
\"The police arrived and saw him trying to break into his old jalopy,\" Harcourt recalled . \".
Harcourt believes that there is too much playing with fen on the street.
Unlike most of us, Harcourt has a unique advantage over long-term drug abuse that the public has never had --
Legally, from the chairman of the mayor and the chairman of the police committee, from the highest political office in the province.
In the process, Hackett\'s view of drugs has grown to places that many people have not yet visited.
He thinks they should be legalized.
\"My idea is that at 1960, 70, and 80 years of age, our drug policy certainly doesn\'t work, but that\'s you completely
The war on drugs is happening and I look so sad
The soul client of my unit was in court and was put in prison with few treatment items. They (the police)
Will Get Low
Street dealers lie about fruit, but usually don\'t grab big shots at the top of the drug deal pyramid.
I see that what we are doing is not going anywhere, but there is no appetite (
Consider legalization)
Of course, it is political suicide to talk about legalization of all drugs.
Harcourt himself was moved by the drug epidemic: Despite the alarm system, his home was divided into three times --
On one occasion, the police found heroin residue on a blanket used by the thief to cover up the broken window of the upstairs bedroom. “I think (
Public Dialogue)
It has changed, because it is in a situation of great effect and wasted a lot.
I think a lot of people are seeing this disaster now.
It\'s obvious, but what do you do?
Harcourt\'s choice.
He did so reluctantly.
“When we talk (
About legalization)
Realized that I was not passionate about legalizing drugs.
I hate anyone who is addicted/enslaved to alcohol, cigarettes, legal or illegal drugs.
In public policy, however, there is often no choice between good, better and best.
They are usually between the bad, the bad, and the worst.
So make a choice in the last 80 years of the failed drug war (
Harcourt is probably hinting at banning marijuana and making it a crime)
Or do nothing, watch thousands of people die from the use of the fen, or worse, take heroin, cocaine, or other drugs and then try to regulate the use of the drug --
Like what Portugal is doing, or marijuana is being used in Canada and Ecuador, leading to moderate use or abstinence --
Seems to be the best of many bad choices.
Switzerland, for example, has a program for long-term heroin addicts who can lead to abstinence.
The success rate of the project is 71.
The harm caused by uncontrolled drug use to individuals, families and society is enormous.
Therefore, it is irresponsible not to attempt to deal with this area of human misconduct.
Morally, Harcourt found himself legalized.
In the case of a lethal drug like Fen, he wondered why someone would be so reckless that he could risk his life so easily.
This is contrary to the sense of responsibility of rational people.
It creates the feeling of a dessert, or as Harcourt describes, \"Well, you have a choice, and if you choose to commit suicide, you\'re not lucky.
\"I\'m a little conflicted about this,\" Harcourt said . \".
\"It\'s a moral dilemma because people are making these choices.
But . . . . . . \"But people will die.
But we will implicitly forgive their death.
But for those who drink alcohol, we don\'t think so, as a society, we do what we can to convince smokers to quit smoking, and we have started to fight against the destructive and addictive qualities of sugar.
Legal drugs, if not greater, have a greater impact on public health than drug addiction.
But when logic goes into our thinking about drugs?
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