Players, celebrities honor Kings on Twitter

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-09
On Monday night, current and former players from across the National Hockey League congratulated Sean on Twitter for the first time in franchise history to win the Stanley Cup.
The King won the best-of-
Beat 6 series in six games
At Staples Center.
Here are some of the messages left on Twitter: Congrats to the King;
How hard it is to watch the trophy be lifted by another team, but congratulate D.
And the king.
Keep calm in the family.
If the king\'s playoffs didn\'t inspire all the hockey players, I don\'t know what it would be. Congrats LA. Well deserved.
Congrats to the Devils for a wonderful season.
Despite losing, you are proud of Newark, New Jersey and all the Devil fans. Thank you!
It\'s hard to lose and it\'s hard to see someone lift the ultimate prize. .
But it also inspired me to work harder.
Congratulate former teammates on winning the Stanley Cup. A true class-
Act, a hard working person who is a great mentor for me to congratulate me on winning the championship! He was awesome.
# Jealous Congrats The King of Los Angeles to win the Stanley Cup! ! !
Happy for that SOBs!
Man, he\'s so great, congrats z Stolly and the other kings to all those involved in the King\'s organization.
The Devils ran very well.
Watching the fun playoffs can\'t be happier for one of the best players in hockey.
There are \"media good people\" and \"real good people \". . .
Luckily, my old captain and teammates were very comfortable lifting the trophy.
Like he was on the farm. Classic joy.
Congratulate Jamie conpeng on winning the Stanley Cup! !
Great guy, he\'s paid his dues and is now an assistant coach in Los AngelesA.
Honor to the King and sonn-
Lavin who won the Stanley Cup
The eighth seed won it all.
Real Teamwork. Fun to watch! .
@ JonathanQuick32 thank you for your wonderful. Wow! ! !
Congrats @ LAKings.
Running to # StanleyCup @ NHLI, I think my celebration caused a car alert five blocks away.
# Because congratulate you!
We won the Stanley Cup! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Congrats to the King! Great run NJ!
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