Victoria car window broken to rescue dog — but it was a toy stuffed animal

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-09
Black and Mara Handley didn\'t know if they were grateful or annoyed when they found out that their windows were broken to relieve their \"dog\" heat pressure, and they were lying in the back seat with no response.
They should be grateful because Handleys, as a glorious supporter of the SPCA, must be aware of this motion.
But they may get angry because the rescued dog is a plush toy and they are looking at the $200 bill to fix the window.
\"It\'s such a sweet gesture, but it\'s for the wrong reason,\" Blake said . \".
The couple took part in the SPCA on Wednesday in honor of long-time donors.
Mara has been supporting the animal.
Protection organization for decades
Blake was very happy with himself that day because he found a parking place on the street.
But after lunch, when they returned to their 2000 Honda Civic, a couple approached Handleys and asked if they had seen their car and broken windows.
The couple then confessed.
Marra Handley holds her stuffed toy dog Rory, named after their beloved pet who died at the age of 14.
A couple broke her window because they were worried that the dog in the back seat was overheating and didn\'tresponsive.
Darren stone/Times colonial the Handleys have never heard of their names, but the story they tell makes them notice that the car is under the scorching sun and there are dogs in the back seat.
They knocked on the window to try to wake it up.
They pushed and pushed the car to alert the car.
Finally, they called the police, who told them to break a window.
\"The poor guy cut his hand even when he did it,\" Blake said . \".
The first thought in hand was that the name they gave the toy \"Rory\" was stolen.
About 20 years ago, after the death of their beloved family pet, Rory, the toy was taken to Value Village, a bearded shepherd dog who died at the age of 14.
The couple always travel to Canada and the United States with toys Rory. S.
For a family that really likes a beard, he is a amulet.
Now there are two living ones, McPherson and his sister baby.
But unlike the toy Rory, the real dog only rides in the couple\'s pickup truck and never rides in the car.
The couple have vivid memories of the time when the living Rory found a dead dolphin on the beach on Dallas Road and took full advantage of the opportunity to roll over the body.
On the way home, Rory was happy with his actions, but Blake said the smell forced them to stick their heads out of the window.
As for the toy Rory, Blake said the couple who broke the window was not the first to be fooled.
After crossing the border, government officials often ask about the breed.
Blake said, \"I always go: \'This is the kind of price tag in his ear. \'.
He won\'t deny the couple\'s real concern about breaking the window.
\"They could have walked away, but it was their credit for them to stay.
They like it very much and we care about animals so it is really nice.
Rwatts @ time colonists.
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