What to do if parking camera is damaged during shipping?
Zhongshan Kingcobra Electronics Co.Ltd. makes every effort to protect the product from damage, but it cannot be fully guaranteed. If you see any damage, please be aware of it. This will help greatly in case of claims against the carrier. We are really sorry with the accident. Do contact us through any channels and we will do our very best to put things right.

For many consumers in many countries, Kingcobra is still the number one brand. Kingcobra's main products include motorcycle alarm system series. The product is approved by experts and has good performance, durability and practicality. This product is easy for drivers to install. Kingcobra has been working hard to improve pke system and serve every customer with care. Its up-to-the-minute feedback function helps the prevention of accidents.

Cooperating with customers to promote motorcycle alarm system manufacturing industry better is our wish. Please contact.
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