Where is Kingcobra Electronics located?
The location of Zhongshan Kingcobra Electronics Co.Ltd. can be obtained on our website or you can simply contact our staff to investigate further detailed information. Enjoying a convenient location and boasting to finest-quality reverse parking sensor , it has brought many clients to pay it visits. You're welcome to see it at any moment. Simply make contact beforehand, it could arrange its specialist staff to pick up you at the specified location.

Kingcobra provides the integrating service of integrating design, production, sales and service of motorcycle alarm system. Kingcobra focuses on providing a variety of 2 way car alarm for customers. Reliable raw materials: the raw materials of Kingcobra automotive lighting are subject to rules and regulations of the factory. They are selected from a supplier that possesses unique know-how and technology. It's able to work normally even the in-car temperature is high. The performance and quality of this product is stable and reliable. Its sensor can detect impacts on the cars and reminds the drivers.

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