Why Birds Matter, and Are Worth Protecting

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-09
For most of my life, I didn\'t pay attention to birds.
Only when I was in my 40 s did I become a man, and whenever he heard a disgusting song or a towel call, his heart would rise, he would rush out to see what was reported nearby just because it was a beautiful bird with real golden feathers that came all the way from Alaska.
When someone asks me why birds are so important to me, all I can do is sigh and shake my head as if someone asks me to explain why I love my brother.
However, this question is fair and worth considering on the centennial of the United States Migratory Bird Treaty Act: Why are birds important?
My answer may start with the huge scale of the bird field.
If you can see every bird in the world, you can see the whole world.
Things with feathers can be found in every corner of every ocean and in such a desolate land habitat that there is nothing else in their habitat.
Gray Seagulls raise chickens in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth.
Emperor penguins hatch eggs in Antarctica in winter.
Eagles Nest in Berlin cemetery, where Marlene Dietrich is buried, sparrows in Manhattan traffic lights, Swift in the hole in the sea, Vulture on Himalayan cliffs, Chernobyl
The only life forms that are more widely distributed than birds are microscopic.
To survive in so many different habitats, about 10,000 species of birds in the world have evolved into a spectacular diversity.
They range in size, ranging from an ostrich with a height of up to 9 feet to a properly named hummingbird found only in Cuba, which is common in Africa.
They may have big bills.
Pelican, mouth bird), tiny (weebills)
Or as long as the rest of their body (sword-
The flags of Texas, the Gulda Sunbird of South Asia, and the Australian rainbow lorickett are better than any flower.
Others are one of the almost infinite shades of brown, taxing the vocabulary of the taxonomists of birds: red, brown, iron yellow, glutencolored, foxy.
The secretary bird has its odd long legs and fierce manners (
Snake Vulture)
The African Savannah looks like a cross between a crane and an eagle.
Its hooks are all raptors.
The behavior of birds is also diverse.
Some are highly socialized and some are anti-socialized.
Africa\'s queleas and flamingos gather among millions of sheep, and parrots build the entire parrot city with sticks.
Dippers walk alone under the water, on the bed of the Mountain Creek, a wandering albatross may be in its 10-
The foot wingspan is 500 miles from any other albatross.
I met friendly birds like New Zealand fans who used to follow me through the trail, I met mean birds like Kalakala in Chile, when I stared at it for too long, it suddenly swooped down and tried to knock my head off.
The runners get food by working together to kill the rattlesnake, one bird distracting the snake and the other secretly following the snake. Bee-People who eat bees
Leaves of the cicada. Thick-
Billed murres can dive underwater to a depth of 700 feet metres and cross the air down at a speed of 240 miles per hour. A wren-
Just like rushbird can spend his life in half the time.
The acre pond, while a cerulean warbler may migrate to Peru, then return to the tree in New Jersey, which was nested the year before.
Nearly half of 20 people
The average inch length of male Malaya peacock pheasant (
Dedicated to its tail, it is lifted and unfolded with a gorgeous fan, leaving a deep impression on women.
As the low-lying forest habitat is cleared and planted, its range and number have fallen sharply.
Birds are furry and cute, but in many ways they are more like us than other mammals.
They build complex houses and support their families inside.
They spent a long winter vacation in a warm place.
The Phoenix parrot is a savvy thinker who can solve the puzzle of challenging the chimpanzee. The Crow likes to play. (
On windy days, more practical birds stay still, I see the Crows firing themselves from the hillside and doing the aerial somersault, just for fun, I keep going back to the YouTube video, A Russian Crow slid a snow roof over the plastic cover, flew back with its mouth covered with the cover, and then slid down again. )
Then there are birds who fill the world with songs like us.
Nightingale lives in a suburb of Europe, with a thrush in downtown Quito, Chengdu.
The tits have a complex language that can not only communicate with each other, but also with every bird in the neighborhood to understand their sense of safety or insecurity about predators.
Some seven-string birds in eastern Australia sing a tune that their ancestors might have learned from the settlers flute nearly a century ago.
If you take too many photos of lyrebird, it will add the sound of your camera to its tracks.
The birds of the Photo Ark will be available in shopng on April 2018, with photos taken by Joel saltorre and written by Noah Straker. com/books.
But in addition to the dream, the birds do what we all want us to do: they fly.
The eagle rides thermals effortlessly;
Hummingbirds stay in the air;
Quail suddenly flew to the heart-stoppingly.
In general, the flight paths of birds combine the earth like 100 billion Silk, trees and trees, and continents.
In their view, the world has never been bigger.
After breeding, a European Swift will stay in the air for nearly a year and fly to the submarine.
The Sahara and back of Africa eat, fight, sleep on the wings, and have not landed at a time.
The young albatross wandered through the open sea for up to 10 years before returning to land for the first time to breed. A bar-
Direct flights from Alaska to New Zealand, flying 7,264 miles in nine days, while a Ruby
Thro\'s hummingbird may burn its third small weight while crossing the Gulf of Mexico.
The red knot is a small sh bird with round knots every year.
Travel between the Island of Fire and the Canadian Arctic; one long-
The living individual, named B95 because of the tag on the leg, has flown more than miles apart from the Earth and the moon.
The bright green parrot is native to southeast Australia.
It is one of the 10,000 species of birds active on the planet.
Conservation activist Thomas Lovejoy says that if you take care of the birds, you can solve most of the big problems in the world.
However, one of the key abilities that humans and birds possess is the mastery of the environment.
Birds can protect wetlands, manage fisheries, and protect air.
Make conditions for their nest.
They only have the instincts and physical abilities that evolution has left them.
These have been serving them for a long time, 0. 15 billion years longer than the time of human existence.
But now humans are changing the surface, climate and ocean of planets, which is too fast for birds to adapt by evolution.
Crows and seagulls may thrive in our junkyard, and blackbirds and Cowboys may thrive in our city park\'s feedgrounds, Robin and bulbulbuls.
But the future of most birds depends on our commitment to protecting them.
Do they have enough value for us to make an effort?
In the late Human World, value almost entirely refers to the economic value and utility of human beings.
Of course, many wild birds are also edible.
Some of them, in turn, eat harmful insects and rodents.
Many other animals carry out important plant pollination, spreading seeds in an ecosystem that continues to have tourism or carbon in the wild, as food for mammals predators
Isolate value.
You may also hear that some people think that the number of birds is useful, as is known for coal.
Canary mine as an important indicator of ecological health.
But do we really need to have no birds to tell us when swamps are heavily polluted, forests are cut down and burned down or fisheries are destroyed?
The sad fact is that wild birds themselves will never work in the human economy.
They want our blueberries.
In a swamp forest in southeast America. S.
Continuous tweetstweet-Âxadtweet-
The notary\'s Twitter (
Protonotaria citrea)
Summer can be heard from trees.
The species migrated early in spring from Central America and northern South America.
Super lyrebird in Australia (
Menura travel)
Is a skilled imitation.
To attract a mate, a male calls out to other birds in the forest while shaking its brilliant tail feathers over the head.
Captive birds were recorded with the sound of chain saws, car alarms and camera blinds.
The number of birds indicates that our moral values are healthy.
One reason wild birds matter mat should go to matter mat is that they are the last, best connection we have with another natural world that is retreating.
They are the most vivid and extensive representation on Earth, just as people did before they arrived on Earth.
They share ancestry with the largest animal on land: the house finch outside your window is a small and beautifully adapted living dinosaur.
A duck on a local pond looks and sounds like a duck 20 million years ago, when it was the middle world and birds ruled the planet.
In a more artificial world, flying drones without feathers are full of air, angry birds can be simulated on our mobile phones, we may think, there is no reasonable need to cherish and support the former rulers of the natural field.
Is economic computing our highest standard?
After Shakespeare\'s King Lear fell from the throne, he begged his two older daughters to leave him some remains of his former King.
When the daughters replied that they could not see any need, the old King burst out: \"The reason why it is not needed!
Let the birds be forgotten to forget what our children are.
One person said it was too bad for birds, but humans came first, which is one of two implicit claims.
This person may mean that humans are no better than any other animal, because our fundamentally selfish self is driven by selfish genes, in order to replicate our genes, to maximize our happiness, we will always do anything, and the world of non-human beings is cursed.
This is the view of cynical realists, and for them caring for other species is just a nasty sentimental feeling.
This is an opinion that cannot be denied and is acceptable to anyone who does not mind admitting that he or she is selfish.
But humans may also have the opposite meaning when they first come here: our species are unique and worth monopolizing the resources of the world, because we are not like other animals because we are conscious and free will, remember the past, the ability to shape the future.
Such opposing views can be found among religious believers and secular humanists, and neither can they prove true nor false.
But it does raise the question: if we are more valuable than other animals, we cannot distinguish right from wrong, and deliberately sacrifice a small portion of our convenience for the greater good, make it easier for us to be asked by nature, not less?
Does the unique ability carry the unique responsibility? Vultures (
Almost not the cutest birds, they are big and ugly, they eat disgusting things in a disgusting way.
But without them to clean up the carrion, the insect population will work with them to cope with the disease.
These three South African vulture native to South Africa.
A few years ago, in a forest in northeastern India, I heard a sound, and then in my chest, I began to feel a deep, rhythmic roar.
It sounds meteorological, but it\'s a pair of giant hornbill wings flying around a fruit tree.
They have huge yellow notes and huge white thighs;
They look like the cross between the giant mouth bird and the giant panda.
As they climbed up the trees and ate the fruit calmly, I found myself crying with the rarest emotion: pure joy.
This has nothing to do with what I want or what I have.
This is a very beautiful thing about the great hornbill, it can\'t care less about me.
The fundamental uniqueness of birds is essential to their beauty and value.
They are always among us, but never among us.
They are another world.
The dominant animals produced by evolution, and their indifference to us, should be a serious reminder that we are not the measure of everything.
The story we tell about the past and imagine the future is the spiritual structure that birds can use.
Birds live in the present.
At present, although our cats, our windows, our pesticides kill billions of cats every year, although some species, especially those on the ocean islands, have disappeared forever, their world is still very active.
In every corner of the Earth, in a nest as small as a walnut or as large as a large pile of grass, chickens are entering the light through their shells.
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